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IntraOp Medical Corporation.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ScandiNova Systems AB inks Solid State Modulator OEM Agreement with IntraOp Medical Corporation.

ScandiNova Systems, signed an OEM Blanket Purchase Agreement with IntraOp Medical Systems to furnish a specially designed version of their Model M1 Solid State Modulator. The modulator will be integrated into the IntraOp’s flagship product, called the Mobetron. This unique intra-operative electron beam radiation therapy system (IOERT) is a fully mobile linear accelerator, utilizing patented technologies that allow doctors to treat patients in non-shielded operating rooms. The Mobetron provides a targeted and more directed attack on cancer in an effort to reduce, or eliminate, the need for post-operative radiotherapy.

Andrew Merrill, IntraOp Medical’s Vice President of Operations and Engineering commented, “ScandiNova Systems’ unique solid state technology, specifically the Model M1 single-phase design, dramatically contributes to the reduction in the overall size, footprint, and weight of our newly packaged Mobetron system.”

“We are gratified to see that IntraOp Medical has found that our solid state technology, is the best way to improve their products in the fight against cancer.” commented Mikael Lindholm, President, and CEO, of ScandiNova Systems. He further stated, “we have understood that the compact design and unique performance of our products, makes ScandiNova Systems technology a compelling choice over the traditional pulse forming networks modulators in radio therapy systems.”

About ScandiNova Systems
ScandiNova Systems AB is a leading manufacturer of Solid State Pulse Power Modulators for particle research accelerators, radiotherapy, X ray cargo scanning detection systems, E-beam sterilization systems and various pulsed power applications. ?Located in Uppsala Sweden, ScandiNova has system installations in North and South America, Asia, Australia as well as in Europe.

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About IntraOp Medical Corporation:
IntraOp Medical Corporation engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, distribution amd servicing of its Mobetron system. Mobetron system is a mobile electron-beam cancer treatment system designed for use intraoperative electron beam radiation therapy (IOERT) and external beam radiation therapy (EBRT). The IOERT procedure involves the direct application of radiation to a tumor and/or tumor bed while a patient is undergoing surgery for cancer. The EBRT is the external application of radiation to the tumor site while the patient is undergoing treatment for skin cancer. The company’s Mobetron system is also used as a conventional radiotherapy electron beam accelerator. IntraOp Medical distributes its products directly in the United States and through a network, of distributors and agents worldwide. The company is based in Sunnyvale California USA.

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Contact: Wink Jones, Vice President of Marketing?
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