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Press & Event

Lund University

event datum: 
Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lund University selects ScandiNova’s Solid State technology for the 18 RF-Units to the new synchrotron project MAX-IV in Lund, Sweden.

Public procurements of vital components of MAX IV are completed

Two important public procurements in the MAX IV project are now completed. The Swedish company ScandiNova Systems AB and the German company RI Research Instruments GmbH are accepted as suppliers of vital components of the linac injector at MAX IV.

ScandiNova Systems AB shall deliver 18 so called RF-units (radio frequency units) to the MAX IV injector. The company has the turnkey responsibility in providing a system that delivers high frequency, high power RF pulses with high efficiency and high pulse to pulse stability. The delivery is estimated to 2012.

Research Instruments shall deliver the accelerator structures of the MAX IV injector. The company has already delivered similar equipment to large research institutes in Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, and Germany, among others. The delivery is estimated to 2012.

- Both companies has made a tender, for each area of agreement, that has been the most financially beneficial after considering all the assessment criteria, like function, reliability, and usability, says Peter Malmsten, procurement officer at MAX-lab. The combined order value for both contracts is EUR 14 million.

- It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to work together with the skilled team from MAX-lab and Lund University in such a prestigious project, says Mikael Lindholm, President and CEO of ScandiNova Systems AB.

For more information, please contact:
Professor Mikael Eriksson, Machine Director, MAX-lab, 046-222 76 96
Peter Malmsten, Procurement Officer, MAX-lab, 046-222 31 69
Staffan Edholm, Sales Manager, ScandiNova Systems AB, 018-53 92 60
Christian Piel, Sales Manager, RI Research Instruments GmbH, +49 220 484 25 70”