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L & W Research Inc.

event datum: 
Monday, December 20, 2010

L & W Research chooses unique solid-state pulsed power technology from ScandiNova Systems!

ScandiNova Systems has announced that L & W Research Inc. has purchased a Model K-1, Solid State IGBT Switched Pulsed Power Modulator System, Model K1, to be integrated into an L & W accelerator system currently under contract, and to be delivered, to an unnamed U. S. Federal Government facility.

Dr. Paul Leek, L & W Research’s President commented, “We wish to utilize ScandiNova Systems unique solid state modulator technology, by offering it to our customers affording them, enhanced operational performance and increased system reliability!”

Mikael Lindholm, ScandiNova Systems President/CEO added, “We are particularly excited about our new relationship with L & W Research Inc., as well as the potential to participate in their future growth. We feel very strongly, that L & W Research will continue to expand and be a successful leader in their targeted market segments.”

About ScandiNova Systems
ScandiNova Systems AB is a leading manufacturer of Solid State Pulse Power Modulators for particle research accelerators, radiotherapy, X ray cargo scanning detection systems, E-beam sterilization systems and various pulsed power applications. 
Located in Uppsala Sweden, ScandiNova has system installations in North and South America, Asia, Australia as well as in Europe. 

For more info
Contact: Karl-Erik Carlström, Corporate Sales Manager – ScandiNova Systems 
Tel: + 46 18 53 92 63

About L & W Research Inc:
L & W Research Inc. is world leader in the design and manufacture of precision industrial x-ray systems. These systems range in energy from 1 MeV to 25 MeV for use in a variety of applications including security, contraband, detection, radioscopic imaging of composite materials such as high quality castings and defense/aerospace components, and the confirmation of infrastructure integrity. Additional solutions are offered in the cold pasteurization of food, electron beam bonding curing of adhesives for composite materials. The company is based in Wallingford, Connecticut USA
For more info visit:
Contact: Dr. Paul Leek, President 
Tel: 203-303-7490